End of the week

Finally got through this week, just need to get through this shift and then I'm off for the weekend. Course it's not as good because I have to transition from 3:30pm-12am to 7am-3:30pm. At least I've got a decent stretch of days coming up so I will actually be able to adjust to day shifts.

The stress is calming down a bit. Work has still been crazy but I did manage to get my job and community college applications in today so that's really good. I'm pretty happy with my new resume and it's cool to see that I can actually put together a pretty good 20 image portfolio. I probably could have done even better if I had've taken the time to go through more slides and scan new stuff but I just didn't have the time. As is though, it's a good reflection of my current skill level and covers work from 1998 right up to 2003.

Still getting pretty bad heartburn. I'm not even 27 years old, I shouldn't have to keep 2 different types of antacid in my desk at work. For "mild" cases I have my extra strength Tums, usually take 2-3 of them. But more recently, I've switched to using Zantac 75, need to take 1 a day of them to keep it under control and sometimes that's not enough. I switched to it when I was having to take 6+ extra strength no-name brand antacids a day and still wasn't noticing much improvement. I swear work is giving me an ulcer.