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Okay, I've been putting off doing updates to my site for WAY too long. When I did the re-design almost a year ago I had gone for much more of a blog style for the main page. I had been meaning to write up a database-backed tool for managing the posts.

Since then, I found out that Blogger can ftp to your own site, I had thought you could only run a blog off their site. I changed the template around to match the look of my page and now I can do it all through Blogger's website.

The other cool thing is that it allowed me to back date posts so I was able to put in all my old version history information. Unfortunately, it only let's me go back to 1999 and I have a few updates from 1998. I suppose depending on how you want to look at it I've actually been blogging as far back as 1998, way ahead of my time here!

Hopefully. with the Blogger interface making it easier to post updates I'll start doing some blogging more often to add new content to the site. There have been times when I've really wanted to post little updates about what's going on in my life without having to do up a completely new page.