It's funny, I generally think that I can write fairly well, and for the most part that's true. But then I look back at what I've written later and I can't believe the number of stupid mistakes I've made. Not to mention spelling errors. At least I'm fairly consistent in those, there are just certain words that I always misspell. Maybe I should use this new fangled "spell check" I've been hearing about!

Seriously though, Blogger does actually have a spell check, a fact that I just noticed. This is way cool. Now if only I could tell it that I'm writing in Canadian English (or UK English) instead of American English, I'd be set. It's annoying to have words like colour, humour, and honour, come up as incorrect even when they are valid spellings. Actually, I should really say that they're the correct spellings of those words and the American spellings (color, humor, and honor) are the incorrect ones.

What freaks me out even more is the number of things I've written over the years without any proofreading. Makes me wonder what kind of marks I could have gotten in school if I had have taken the time to proofread some of my stuff before I handed it in. Oh well, can't really change that now. Something to consider for the future though.