2 months in

Well I've hit the 2 month mark here in Laos and things are going pretty good. I'm starting to settle into a routine of working and teaching (I teach 3 classes a week at work). I still need to work more on preparing for my classes but other than that things are pretty good.

Marian has gone back to Canada which means that for the first time in 2 months I'm sleeping in a proper bed (I was just using a matress on the floor and a sleeping sheet). On top of that, the en-suite bathroom in my new room has a working water heater so I've also had my first hot shower in 2 months which was a big treat.

Still working on the travel plans to Thailand. I think I'll spend a few days in Bangkok before heading to the coast. Then spend a bit of time there before going to Chiang Mai in the Northwest and then fly from there to Luang Prebang in Laos before coming back to Vientiane. I have to leave a bit later because I'm finishing my Lao language lessons this weekend. But, on the plus side, the 1st and the 3rd are probably going to be holidays too so I get a full 2 weeks off now.