Phuket Was Phuking Awesome!

Okay, that’s not the way you actually pronounce Phuket. The h is silent the same as in Thailand. I don’t know why both Thai and Lao use all these h’s that you never pronounce but they both do it all the time.

Phuket was a really good time. I only got to spend 3 nights there because of being sick at the beginning of the holiday but I still managed to hit a few beaches, go SCUBA diving, go parasailing, get a suit made, and eat tons of Thai seafood. I stayed in a nice small town called Kamala on the west coast of Phuket Island.

SCUBA diving was definitely the highlight of the trip. I went on a 2 dive intro trip. I went to a nearby island called Ko Weo. It was just the instructor and myself besides the 2 Thai people working the boat which was really good. The first dive was okay but the 2nd dive was a lot better. First of all, I had a lot better sense of how to control my buoyancy so I didn’t need as much help. The other thing was that we went to the other side of the island and I think there were more things to see on that side. I saw so many cool fish. I saw a lot of clown fish (like from Finding Nemo) and a huge school of yellow snapper that just looked like a cloud of yellow from a distance but once you got closer you could see hundreds of fish and swim with them.

The suit was also a bit of an experience. At first I felt a bit bad about being sort of conned into going into one of the tailor shops and buying a suit. However, I did manage to get a good price (about $130 CAD for a 2 piece suit, silk shirt and 2 silk ties) and the quality is good and it fits me perfectly. Somehow the tailors are able to make a complete suit for you in a day, I went in at lunchtime on Thursday and they had my suit finished on Friday around 6pm.

So all in all it was a really fun trip. My main complaint is that I didn’t have enough time in Phuket because it was so nice. I am definitely planning to go back for a longer trip.