1 Month Already?

Wow it's really hard to believe that I've already been back for a month. So much has happened. It's unreal that I've already finished my first week of work. I don't know how I managed to luck into getting a new job that quickly and the place seems really cool and the people are great so I'm excited about what it has to offer.

I've also hit a point of thinking more about if this was really where I saw my life going and trying to figure out where I did see myself at this point. In a lot of ways it feels like things have gone in a completely different way than I'd thought but at the same time I look back at what I have accomplished and experienced already and figure I'm not doing too badly.

The next big phase will be moving out. Fortunately, I have the luxury of having the time to look for something good. I had been thinking of renting but my mother happened to mention buying a house in passing and that has gotten me thinking of that as an option. It'll all depend on what's available.