Finally connected

The saga continues. On Wednesday I called Eastlink again to see if they couldn't do something for me. I was lucky and the supervisor I got was someone I used to work with. He tried to do what he could but it turned out he still couldn't get anyone out before Friday. That was fine, at least this time I was booked for Friday.

Friday afternoon came and I started waiting. Around 3:30 I started to get worried that they wouldn't show up so I asked my mother to call them and confirm, they said it was definitely on for that day. She called again at 4:30, was told the same thing. By 6:30 we still hadn't seen anyone so she called again, she spent ages on the phone with them and in the end it was found out that the work order was lost. Now I have some theories that it was the same installer as the last 2 times, he knew it'd be a long job and it was getting close to when he wanted to wrap up for the day so he "lost" the order.

At this point I was really feeling defeated. I was really feeling like switching to Aliant but the main issue was that I just wanted internet and phone hooked up and there was no way they'd be able to get that done before next week.

They said they were going to try to squeeze me in today but I wasn't too optimistic because I'd been told that before. My mother called them early in the morning and she called me back later to tell me that they had gotten me on for today. I was still in, "I'll believe it when I see it," mode. Fortunately, they did finally show up, it was a long job but I am back up and running with phone and internet.