Law vs. Chaos: Group vs. individual

Continuing with my law vs. chaos series. Another approach is the dichotomy of the group vs. the individual.  The chaotic character values personal freedom and would be more likely to have their own interests in mind whereas the lawful character will more likely place the importance of the group over an individual or his or her self.

I realize that this can get a little tough for an evil character though, if they're evil they're more likely to be out for their own interests aren't they? That doesn't necessarily have to be the case. Think of the lawful evil dictator who will do anything to maintain control of his kingdom. 

Now on the chaotic side, a chaotic good character doesn't have to be driven to overthrow any society, but they're definitely going to fight against an oppressive rule, or the idea of sacrificing personal freedom for society, even if it would be for the good of the group.