Career direction

Still trying to work out the whole career direction, "what am I going to do with my life?" question. I'm not sure exactly when it happened but I decided that I wasn't going to teach English in Japan. I think living in Japan could be very cool but I don't think the teaching English is really my thing. I think I mostly got excited about it because it would have been a chance to get out of Eastlink. I think I'll still go to the info session to get some info about life in Japan. Once I did some reading about the experience it just didn't seem like something for me.

It's been really frustrating lately, I'm coming up with more things that I don't want to do but I still don't feel any closer to figuring out what to do. I'm not really excited at all about either community college prospect for the fall (Photo or IT). I am still really interested in the job at NSCAD but it's a major long shot where I don't have a CS degree so I doubt that will come through. About all I know for certain right now is that I need to leave Eastlink.

In some ways though, I'm really beginning to feel that maybe I'm going about this wrong. I've really been searching for that ultimate dream job and I can't figure out what that is. At the moment though, maybe I need to focus more just on some quality of life. If I could get some better balance in my life I think I would be a lot happier. Maybe then I could move on to figuring out that ultimate dream job. On the other hand though, it's a lot easier to motivate yourself to change when things aren't good.

I tried to make it easier by trying to look instead at where I'd want to be in 3 years. I chose 3 years because I'm almost 27 now so that would put me at 30. I came up with a couple ideas in that I'd like to have my own place (still living at home right now) and few ideas about lifestyle but still couldn't get any clearer idea of what I need to do to get there or what I'd like to be doing. Maybe the fact that I was more focused on lifestyle instead of work is an indication that this is more important to me than I give it credit.

Still looking for the answers but at least I'm asking some questions.