Slowly updating the site

Well I was able to pick away on the site a bit today. Still need to figure out the navigation problems and that's holding me back quite a bit. In the meantime though, I'm trying to pick at some of the other unfinished work on the site. Mostly today I did some work on the admin back-end. I have some interfaces for interacting with the database content. A lot of these were written at different times so it will be good to update everything so it's consistent. I polished off my lens menu function yesterday (this function gives me a form menu to select which lens was used with a shot, will be used in a few places). Today I polished a few things with it and also entered in the majority of my lenses into the database. I really need to do up an interface for adding this type of content. It's not that big of a deal for me right now but if I switched to hosting that didn't offer me shell access I'd be out of luck. It's also a bit easier to work with and also would allow me to perform some error checking.

Next up, I think I'll fix my photo editing interface to work with the new database structure I've devised. I'm beginning to think that I should move as much of the work as possible into standard functions. This way I can make the scripts as generalised as possible and only have to maintain the info in the back-end. Only thing is that where it's being included in every document, it might create a bit of bloat. I may split the functions out into some logical groupings to cut down on this.

The next big thing I really should do is work out the image searching functionality. It's pretty much just hacked together right now so it needs a lot of work. There's no front-end for searching either, just the page that actually displays the resutls. This makes it moderately useful for me but completely useless for anyone else.

The other thing that is really needed is error checking. Right now there's basically none. I think things are relatively secure but it's nice to have an actual error message or have things break gracefully rather than just spitting out some MySQL or PHP error.