Corporate wisdom

I had wanted to stay away from bitching about work too much on this blog but this is just ridiculous. Management has come up with this "solution" to the schedule which involves moving our work week from Sunday to Saturday to Monday to Sunday. Supposedly, this is to give us more weekends.

Here's the problems I see in this plan:

  • It's a big assumption that everyone wants weekends off. They've never asked everyone what they want in the schedule in a proper survey. The closest they got was asking us for comments on the schedule and just taking down how many people happened to say certain things (like they wanted weekends off). Obviously this isn't the proper way to do things but they keep using these numbers to justify what they do with the schedule (unless it goes against what they want to do in which case they just say, "we have to staff by the call volumes").
  • This does nothing to give us more weekends off. The call volumes haven't changed, they still need just as many people in on the weekend. At best, this might make it slightly easier to transition on and off the weekend because it's not split between the beginning and end of the week.
  • One of my co-workers sent out an open letter to our manager asking exactly what these changes entailed and why it was good for us. As far as I know, management never responded to this email. Supposedly, someone did draft a reply addressing this but I never received it and neither did any of the people who sit around me so if it did go out it didn't reach everyone.

The vote for this took place last week. I voted no for the reasons I've outlined above. It did go through though. The new development though is that apparently payroll can't change our pay period. So now the "solution" to this is that on certain pay periods we'll have a day's pay held back and then pay us for that day on a future pay period. So some pay periods you'll only be paid for 72hrs and others you'll be paid for 88 and some will be for 80.

What really bothers me about this is that management didn't even consider the payroll implications before coming up with this schedule change. My other big concern is that while we did get to meet and discuss this, management didn't have any answers to our questions (such as tax implications).

I also have no reason to believe that payroll is going to be able to properly handle having 30 people all being paid different amounts each pay period. Frequently, mistakes in payroll take 1-2 pay periods at least to be fixed, the extra complexity of this new pay scale will just make that worse.

Fortunately it's going to a new vote. But all of this has completely delayed the schedule. The current schedule runs out on April 3 and we still don't have a finalized schedule for April 4 on.