Decent days off

Well I actually had a really good set of days off. I booked my flight and hotel for my trip to Toronto. I also managed to finish off my Illustrator project to the point where I felt good about putting it in. It wasn't perfect and there was a lot more I could've done with it but I finished off the body and the shading so it at least looked done. I think Stephen, my teacher, was pretty impressed with the way I did the shading so that was pretty cool. Mostly just slacked on Wednesday playing video games but that was nice too.

I'm getting pretty psyched about the trip to Toronto, should be pretty fun.

Only thing that's got me a little worried is I still haven't heard from the community college about my application to the photo programme but I have to let them know pretty soon if I want to take the IT programme. But I really haven't been that keen on doing the IT course. I'm really not sure what to do. It's really clear that having a consistent schedule is good for me because I've been able to do so much more now that I've been on days for a few weeks. I need to quit soon but I really need to figure out what to move on to.