Creative frustration

Still trying to work on my final project for my Illustrator class. The big problem I'm running into is that I really don't have a clear idea of what I want to do. I had sort of toyed around with the idea of doing a perspective drawing but my heart's just not in it. I think I'm mostly disappointed because what I had really wanted to be able to do before taking the class was to try drawing a comic or at least some characters for a comic. I just haven't been able to pull off good drawings like this and I think it's really frustrated me. Part of the problem is that I can picture in my mind what I want to draw but I still can't get from creating basic shapes and then turning them into the final idea. I've since moved on to trying to draw a mech to still get some manga/anime action but with something that's a bit easier to create using polygons. I was feeling a bit better about doing this because it's much closer to my original idea of wanting to do a manga or anime style drawing.

I tried doing some work on it yesterday and was still running into some problems. I think the big problem is I try to go too quickly from creating the basic shapes to going to final details. The other problem I think is that I need to find some decent mech references to get ideas from. I was trying to draw it just based on a picture in my head and it just wasn't turning out. I also need to go back and layout my design a bit better. The good thing at least is that the technique I'm using to do the lighting/shading seems to work pretty good and will let me handle colour and lighting as 2 independant factors which is very cool. This will allow me to place a shadow across more than one shape and have the lighting look right instead of having to break up the shapes or create a gradient mesh to do this.