I've really been putting off working on my Illustrator final assignment. I've made a little bit of progress on some basic mock-up but I need to put a lot more time in on this and it's due on Tuesday. I think the biggest thing I'm running into is just a lot of frustration with working with Illustrator. With my Photoshop class, I'd already used the program a lot before I took the course. I'm much more used to working with raster images too so the thought process just makes sense to me. Switching to vector images is a big change in thought process. I really like the fact that you can constantly tweak things but I just can't get into "the zone" like I can with raster images. Between my frustration and lack of inspiration for the project I just haven't been getting much done. I'm liking the mech idea though so if I can start making some more progress on that it might help fire me up. Of course I've also picked the absolute worst time to start playing Neverwinter Nights in terms of productivity. Fortunately (in an odd way), I took a quick peek at a walkthrough and found out some info on the henchmen quests and I think I may have screwed some of them up by ditching some of the items I'd need to complete the quests so I may start over (I've only finished 3 of the districts from chapter 1 so I'm not too far in). That should help kill my enthusiasm for it a bit and if I can hold off on starting over until after my Illustrator class finishes on Tuesday then I may be able to get some more work done.