Stupid firewall

Well not really the firewall, my own stupidity. Apparently, during one of my kernel upgrades (I assume) I lost the setting to load the ftp connection tracking module. I need this in order for passive ftp transfers to work through my firewall. I didn't notice a problem for awhile because I don't use passive ftp. However, it looks like blogger switched to passive ftp recently which meant it couldn't update my blog for a period of time. It was a pretty easy fix though so I can't complain too much. Turned off iptables, blogger connects, okay it's a problem on my end. Checked my autoloading modules, nothing in there. Made sure I had compiled the ftp connection tracking module, yes I did. Added it back to the autoload and modprobed it into memory, should be all good. Of course half the reason for this blog entry is to test that theory.