Slightly less stress

Okay, I managed to get a reasonable amount of stuff done today so I've got a bit less stress going on. I had to work on my resume and covering letter some more. Still needs a bit of work but I think my resume is kicking ass now. I really re-worked the layout and design so it looks a lot better. What also freaks me out is I noticed a bunch of stupid mistakes and inconsistencies in it that have been there for ages because I've been using the same format for a few years now. Mostly just silly stuff like some lines had periods at the end and others didn't (for incomplete sentences like Halifax, NS). Also, I never noticed that half the items listed Nova Scotia and half said NS. None of this was that big a deal to fix but it definitely looked unprofessional before and it really freaks me out that I didn't notice it before.

Once it get the finalised version done I'll put up a pdf version. I used to maintain an HTML version of my resume but google can index pdfs anyways, it will print better, and MacOS X makes it super easy to turn anything into a pdf (it's just an option in the print menu).