Okay this week is really not going well in terms of stress. Work is completely driving me nuts. I have been totally worn out and it's been super busy this week so it's not a good combination.

On top of things, I'm trying to get a job application together for a job that I really want but am probably not qualified for. I'm also trying to get together an application for the Community College's photo program. Both of those are due Friday. To make matters worse, I just checked the Community College's website last night and saw that in some places it says the application deadline is March 5th and in other places it says March 1st so for all I know it's late and where photo is an oversubscribe program I won't get in.

Oh, plus I have to start working on my illustrator final project that's due in like 3 weeks and I only have a vague idea of what I want to do for it. Plus I've got my application to Nova Group to get finished up and ready for March 24 and if I want to apply to AEON as well then I need that in by the 20th. Going nuts here.