Been awhile since I've updated things

Well vacation and the trip to Toronto have put a pretty big delay on my blogging.

Here's the quick update. Toronto was really fun, didn't really do much of anything other than just hang out with my brother and his wife but it was really cool. I got to see a lot of their neighbourhood and a lot more of Toronto than I saw the last time I was really there back in grade 9. My impression of Toronto before going was more of the "big city" tons of skyscrapers idea but it's not like that at all, you only have that in a fairly contained area of downtown and then everything else is pretty much 4 storeys tall as far as the eye can see. I think if I had to move up there I could handle it but I'm still not really sure how I'd feel about living there. I think the key is to find the cooler stuff that's around and then you can really enjoy yourself.

The other big update is that I've put in my notice at Eastlink. I'm just way to fed up with the working environment and it's time for me to move onto something else. Unfortunately, I really don't know exactly what will be yet. I didn't get into the photo programme at the community college and I turned down my acceptance into the IT programme. Still trying to figure a lot of things out.