My vacation is nigh

Just need to make it through another 3 hrs or so and then I hit vacation time. It's been a year since I've had any time off here so I'm pretty psyched about having a good 2 weeks away from here.

It's been a crazy week. Sneddy quit last Friday and that had a lot of us pretty down. Fortunately, he did get offered a job with Nova Group and will be heading to Japan in November so that's really cool for him. I pretty much figured that while I think living in Japan would be cool that I wasn't at all interested in the job. The only thing that keeps me going at Eastlink right now is the fact that my home life is really stable and pretty good. I'd like to move out but the support system I have at home right now enables me to function, I really don't want to mess with that until after I have a better work situation in place. Going to Japan could give me some cool aspects of living in Japan but it would also give me a ton of culture shock and I know how hard that can be. Combine that with a job that I'm not interested in either and I really don't know how well I'd be able to cope with that. I hope Sneddy has a good time though.

I'm still wrestling with the whole work and school question. I've looked through the community college's calendar again and I still don't feel any interest towards their IT programme. I had briefly considered their web concentration instead of networking but that didn't feel right either. A big problem that I have though is that their course descriptions are incredibly vague. There's almost no information on what technologies or programs you work with in each of the courses. I'm pretty sure it will be a pretty heavy MS focus and I really am not interested in that. I'd rather a UNIX focus and I don't think that's the case.

I really don't think that I want to go into the fields that their IT programme prepares you for. So I'm just stuck with the question of what to move into. I'm really thinking that the community college's printing course sounds cool but it has even fewer details on the courses than their IT programme does. I'm thinking that I see myself more in a situation where I'm working with scanning and manipulating images and printing them out as opposed to managing a network. It's really annoying because my mother is trying to encourage me to take the IT programme because I've always been interested in computers but in the past she's commented that she really doesn't see me working as a systems administrator and I think I agree with her. So I don't think she really understands what their programme covers. I really don't want to take the programme but I keep feeling pressured into doing it. What really sucks though is that the printing course is a 2 year programme with start times every 2 years and the next start time is 2005 so it's not even an option for this year. My only concern is if I'm more just interested in this type of programme as an excuse to justify buying some really cool and expensvie scanners and printers for my own personal use.