Laos bound

Well the big news lately has definitely been that I got offered a co-operant position with CUSO to go to Laos for 6 months. I'm still waiting for the final approval overseas but it's pretty much a go. Definitely shaking things up in my life now.

Things have gone from not doing much at all to suddenly being very busy. Switching to printing on fibre paper for black and white means that my time in the darkroom doesn't go as far (although the results are worth it). I'm also trying to work on my final project for Photoshop class but am feeling a little bit blocked at the moment. And, now I'm trying to make plans for going to Laos in a few months. Still don't have the final date but it's probably going to be in September and I'll have a pre-departure orientation in Ottawa some time in August.

Hopefully, once my classes finish up things will be a bit calmer. Or at least, they'll be more focused to-wards the things I need to get done before I leave. There's a lot of different things I still need to do. I'm trying to figure out photo equipment with regards to what i want to take. I also have a lot of issues around film (how much to take, can I get it overseas, should I process it overseas) that still need to be worked out. On top of that, I'm trying to find a new camera bag and possibly a point and shoot camera that I can carry along with me at all times. Then there's also the matter of getting some repair work done on some gear. I have 1 camera that's not operating (and may be dead), another that really should be checked out and have a battery conversion done before I leave (although it works great), and another camera that needs to be checked out.

Then there's the other things I should be doing too. I really should get the computer room and basement sorted out before I leave because I'm not sure how much travelling I'll do after my placement so I really don't know when I'll be back. I also want to complete the update and re-design work on the site so that can go "live" at and be moved off of my development platform.

And there's probably 50 other little things I haven't even thought about yet.