Still working on getting everything together for the trip to Laos. The time crunch is really starting to get a little crazy. The current start date in Laos is Sept 1 which means if I subtract a day to get from Bangkok to Vientiane and 2 days to get from here to Bangkok then I'm leaving on Sept 29. Aug 19-24 I'm in Montreal and Ottawa for orientation so that makes things pretty crazy.

I'm increasingly thinking of not running my Linux box while I'm away. At first I thought I would keep it going but I won't be around to maintain it and shutting it down will make things much easier. This increases my impetus to get the new design live on so that I can still keep my blog going on there. I have signed up for a gmail account so I'll probably just have everything forward to there or just give that address out to people to use depending on how much I want to keep the spam down.

Somewhere in the middle of this I'm also supposed to complete 80 hours of volunteer work. I've gotten started on this but I'm getting a bit concerned about having enough time to complete it. Not to mention that I haven't even been final approved yet!

All in all, August is going to be pretty nuts for me. I'm suspecting that they're going to have to approve me pretty soon or bump back my start date but I don't want to count on that until it's a definite.