New navigation is done

Well it was a major pain but I've finally got my new hierarchical navigation menu working. What annoyed me the most was that very early on I found a page that had example code that seemed to do exactly what I wanted to but was ridiculously complicated and poorly documented in some respects. Because of that, I gave up on it and struck out on my own way of doing it. This failed miserably. Finally, I went back to trying to do it in a similar way as the example code. Doing this started to help me understand the example code better. There was still a lot of stuff I didn't understand in the example code though. It turns out though that none of that code was needed for making the navigation menu the way I wanted it.

Once I got the basics worked out I still had to play around with it to get my links working properly as well as getting it to look right. Overall though, I'm very happy with the way it looks.