Tying up loose ends

Well I'm due to leave in less than 2 weeks now which is really freaky. Still seems like there's a lot to get done before then.

I'm really pleased to say that the re-design of my site is more or less completed. There's still some small things left to clean up but overall it all works now so it's not as big of a deal. Last night I managed to get the image searching fully working which was a major task that I'd been putting off for ages. Right now it only searches by country or by roll but I can add in extra search functionality very easily. Plus, getting the country searches was the biggest one I wanted to get done so my links to pictures of various countries on the photo page would work. The only thing I have left to do is split the search results over more than 1 page so you're not forced to download hundreds of images at once. I'm pretty sure I've figured out how to do it though which is the big thing.

Due to disk space concerns I've decided to do away with the 1200x800 versions of my photos. Removing them should really cut down on my storage use. My hosting has finally started holding me to the 100mb of disk space and charges me for any extra disk usage so I had to get the site back under 100mb.

The bigger loose end in terms of my site would be updating all of the content. At first I thought this would really be a mammoth task but I've realised it's not as bad as I thought. Most of the pages are pretty static (like the articles in the photo and tech sections). The main area that needs updating is the personal area and that's only a few pages.

The other thing I'd like to do with the site is put up some of my Photoshop work. I'm debating if I want to create a whole seperate "Art" section for this or if I want to just put it under photo. Not really a big deal either way but it's something I need to think about.

Site work aside, there's lots of other stuff I still need to get done too. I still have a couple items left to pick up and I finish my shots next week. I'm almost done with my fund raising which is good but I'm still behind in finishing up my volunteer work. I got really into working on my site and it sort of took away from my enthusiasm for working on my volunteer work. Hopefully now that the site is pretty much up to date I'll be able to get back into the volunteer work and finish it off.