Subject to change

I've been getting pretty used to things being subject to change with my CUSO position. I know the job description is pretty much just a guideline of what I might end up doing. My departure date has pretty much been a moving target as well.

I thought it was finalised when they said I'd be leaving on the 14th but as of yesterday, I'm leaving on the 13th instead. There were some problems with booking my flight I guess and they had to have me leave a day earlier. I now am supposed to fly Halifax to Ottawa, spend the night in Ottawa, Ottawa to Chicago early in the morning (7:45, ugh), Chicago to Tokyo, Tokyo to Bangkok. This means I'll be leaving on the evening of the 13th and I don't arrive in Bangkok until the evening of the 15th (local time). I'm going to be pretty wrecked I think.

The good thing is that I'm pretty much ready to go so losing the day wasn't as big a deal as it could have been. My volunteer work will suffer a bit but that was going to be a problem anyways because some of the people I need to work with are on vacation this week. I've managed to pretty much finish the documentation though and I will be able to wrap that up before I leave so that's good.