New site is live!

Looking back through my blog I started working on the re-design for my site on April 15, 2003. Now almost a year and a half later it's finally to a point where I could take it from my "development" box at home and load it onto my domain.

The fact it took over a year isn't as much a reflection of how much work was involved but more a reflection to how much I procrastinated on working on the site at times. Having a definite deadline of wanting to get this done before I leave for Laos really helped push me to get this done.

There's still some more work I'd like to complete such as fleshing out the image search and updating some of the pages but it's to the point where i can do all of that work "live". I felt it made more sense to get everything up on my domain well before the deadline so I'd have the time to fix any problems. Overall, everything went really smoothly though. I had a few small problems with some files that had absolute paths set but they were fixed pretty quickly. The only other issue I ran into was getting my new database loaded on but a little work with my hosting's support has that fixed up and now I have a better way for managing the database as well. So overall I'm really happy with how this has played out.