My Brief Career As A Burglar

Somehow, yesterday I managed to be locked out of my house not once but twice. The first time was pretty straight-forward, we only had 1 key for the house and Hamid had it but I got home before he did so I was locked out. Fortunately, the landlady was home and after briefly examining the possibility of breaking in, I went to her house and got a key for myself. We were given 2 keys for the house when we moved in but one of them was a bad copy so that's why we had a problem.

The second time was a lot stranger. Now possessing my keys everything should have been okay. What happened though was some people came over so we had the front door open. I went out with one of the people to get something from their car and then came back through the front door so my shoes were by the front door. After the people left, I decided to go out for supper. Since my shoes were by the front door I went out that way. The front door has a lock where you push in the button on the handle inside before you close the door to lock it. I did this and went outside. I then realised that I had forgotten my jacket and it was getting cold out so I wanted to get it. I also realised that I had forgotten to check if the kitchen door was locked. So, I went back to the kitchen door. That door was locked so I unlocked it. However, it turns out that someone had also bolted the door from the inside, so I couldn't open the door even though it was unlocked. To make matters worse, we didn't have a key for the front door so I was stuck outside. This time the landlady wasn't home so I spent about an hour trying to evaluate my options for breaking in. After working on both doors for awhile I ruled out those options. I made then made a brief attempt to break in through a window. The windows all swing out and Hamid hadn't locked his so that was a good start. However, there is then a set of bars to get past before the screen. Sometimes these are very badly installed but our house has pretty secure bars. After giving up on that attempt I was starting to evaluate the feasibility of getting onto the roof and attempting to get in through the kitchen's skylight when the landlady finally came by and was able to go to her house and get the key to the front door (which I now have). It turns out that when she came over to visit she had bolted the kitchen door.