Random Thought

Okay I have no real news to post so I thought I'd post a random thought.

The other day it occured to me why is sliced bread considered the pinnacle of human achievement? All other (recent) achievements are compared to it. Think about it, how often do people say that something is the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Granted, sliced bread can be kind of good but seriously, was it really such an achievement? I took a fair number of history classes in University and I can't say I remember sliced bread as being mentioned as bringing forth the renaisance, enlightenment, industrial revolution, or the modern era let alone any other major epoch in human civilization.

Was Guttenburg inspired to create movable type (note, not the printing press which had already been invented by the Chinese)? We know Newton thought of the theory of gravity because an apple fell on his head but maybe he had enough time to sit under and apple tree because he wasn't wasting all his time slicing bread.

As far as I can tell sliced bread's contribution to society has mainly been saving us a minute or two and helped reduce the risk of kitchen injuries. A decent minor contribution but hardly the foundations of a modern civilization. Perhaps though this is really a reflection of the modern world. Maybe most modern achievements are really pretty minor and can, at best, only be compared to sliced bread.

That's it for now, hopefully more interesting news will follow shortly.