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Well I finished working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday. I've been able to keep reasonably busy so far. On Monday I went in to finish off some things ar work, still have some stuff left to do there and need to clean out my desk still. Yesterday I had a meeting with a company here that sounded promising. Turns out it's not a job but there's some potential to do some short contract work for them with some cisco gear so it's still pretty interesting. Need to do up a proposal and also figure out how much to charge them.

Mai (my girlfriend) took me out last night to teach me to ride a motorcycle. We just stayed in a parking lot and I drove around a bit. Still not quite used to working the throttle but I was surprised how easy it was to ride. I suspect riding a bike every day for the last 6 months has helped a lot. Not quite ready to hit the road (no licence causes a few issues with that as well) but it did help get my confidence up. If I stay I plan to get a motorcycle but I'll need to get my licence first because I don't want to cause more problems if and when I get hassled by the police. If I stay I'm planning to head home at some point for an extended visit so I'll get the licence then. Need to get a car licence too and learn to drive stick so that way I can drive anything here (not many automatics here).

Today I was a lot more down. Basically I'm in the same boat I've been in for the last 5 years or so, nothing's really changed I just had a 6 month placement in Lao to distract me from that for awhile. I don't really have a plan if I stay and I have no idea what I'll do if I go back home. Pretty much business as usual for me.