It's my last week at work so I'm really stressed. I have a lot of stuff that I wanted to get done and I'm just not sure if I'll have the time to do it all.

The fact that Tuesday was a holiday (Women's Day) didn't help because we stopped working earlier before lunch and then just went to parties in the afternoon on Monday and then the office was closed on Tuesday. So basically today was my first day really working this week. I want to tighten up a few things with the lab before the end of the week.

On top of things, work has gotten the budget to network all the office and wants me to do that. It's cool to get a more networking project but the timing is not the greatest.

Plus, I'm having to sort out my insurance and plane ticket. Fortunately, I have a friend who's a travel agent and she's helping me change my plane ticket.

On top of all that, I'm also trying to track down another job in Lao so I can stay and manage a relatively new relationship with my girlfriend. Pretty stressful.