Visa Problems

Man this is annoying.

I ordered a new scanner from Vistek. First, it was backordered, not a big deal it happens.

Now today I first get an email that it's now in stock (great) but then another email from a sales rep telling me my visa card has been declined.

So I call Vistek and confirm my credit card info but it still doesn't go through. Then I get to call Scotiabank and find out what's up.

Turns out it's a problem from when my card got renewed.

Last summer I noticed that my visa card was going to expire in 2005 and that I might still be away when it expired. So I called Scotiabank and asked them if they could send me my renewed card early. I had explained the situation clearly on the phone and the person I talked to seemed to understand and said they'd mail me out a new card with a new expiry date. So a few days later a new card arrived with the same expiry date, doesn't do me any good. I figure they messed up and just sent a replacement card.

So I had to call them back and I got a ruder rep on the phone but explained the situation and they said they'd fix it up. Sure enough, this time I did receive a new card with the proper expiry date. I figured that was the end of this saga.

Turns out I was wrong. When I was away they sent another new card (to my home in Canada). I figured this was just because it would be around my normal renewal schedule. When I got home I checked out the card and all the info was the same, the same expiry date and the same number. The only difference was the 3 extra digits on the back of the card (since they're different for every card even if the card number is the same). So I put that card aside but didn't activate it because I didn't have any need.

Turns out that was a mistake, since I didn't activate that card they've put a hold on this one (which makes no sense because it's a perfectly valid card that doesn't expire for another 2 years). I found this out when I called them today. Even more annoying was the rep said that it should have a different expiry date. She said, "your old card should be 07/07 and the new one will be 08/07." I said, "no, the old card was 06/07 and the new card was the same." Then she sort of argued with me a bit that they wouldn't issue 2 cards with the same expiry date. Of course I didn't have the other card with me so I couldn't really pursue this and I just told her I'd call back when I found the other card (which I fortunately had held on to).

Still, that's a lot of mistakes all from one fairly straightforward situation. And it's a lot of wasted time on my behalf to try to get their mistakes fixed up. I'm also a little worried about when this happened and what other charges may not have gone through (which could result in late fees for me for something that's not my fault).