Not a lot of posting lately but not all that much going on that would be worth posting.

But recently there's been some changes.

The first is just a minor one. I had been allowing anonymous comments to be posted on my blog. I liked the idea that people didn't have to register with Blogger just to post a comment. Well that's ended due to spammers posting links on my pages. I've deleted the spam links and I've set it so you have to be a registered Blogger user to post now. Yet another example of a small group of people ruining something for the rest of us.

I've been playing with Joomla (formerly Mambo) for handling my site. There's some things I don't like about it but it has a lot of power for managing things so I think I will switch to it at some point. When I do that I'll be able to use their comments system which should allow me to let people post anonymously yet still give me the ability to block spammers by their IP address.

The big change though is that I'm moving out in December. I found a pretty nice apartment that's within my budget for rent so I'm pretty happy about that. It looks like I'll be moving on Dec 16.